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    There are plenty of tools out there on the Internet to keep you up to date on your website. Tools that will show you your page rank, traffic to your site, adsense revenue, SERP, etc..

    The problem, however, is that while your Android phone can use these same tools with its browser, it gets annoying pretty quickly because of the screen size!

    This article will show you some of the top Android apps available out there so that you can see what's going on all the time right from your phone. These apps are optimized for your phone's screen so it makes it a lot easier to get around and get all of the info you need.

    What I normally do is put aside a home screen just for shortcuts to my 'website apps'. This makes it easy to launch them quickly and get the info you're looking for.

    Google Analytics
    There are a couple of great apps for looking at your Google Analytics info - the one i'm going to focus on however is the official app from Google themselves. It's relatively new but has some great features including Real Time!

    Google also made it easy to log into your account by letting you authorize right from your phone so you auth it once and never have to worry about it again (unless you uninstall and re-install the app).

    You can download this directly from the Play Store.

    Google's PageRank scores a website's pages between 0 and 10. The most popular websites have a PageRank of 10. The least have a PageRank of 0. It's named 'PageRank' after Larry Page, not because a website has pages.. :)

    Most Webmasters work hard on their sites to try and raise their PageRank. A higher PageRank score generally means that there are more sites linking to your content, and ultimately you'll see better SERP (Search Engine Results Page) placements.

    The best tool currently (IMO) for checking page rank is called Quick PageRank. It allows you to add as many websites as you like and check them whenever you want. It's quick (hence the name) and FREE.

    You can find Quick PageRank in the Play Store.

    SERP Checking
    The best Android tool that I've found is called SEO SERP Tracker Premium. It allows you to add all of your sites and enter an unlimited amount of search terms to check. They also have a free version, but it limits you to 3 search terms per website. I believe it may also limit the amount of total websites allowed on the app.

    This tool will keep track of where your SERP rankings are - it returns results quickly and I find myself checking SERPs 2-3 times/day with this app. You can download it in the
    Play Store

    Google's Adsense program is probably the leading way most webmasters make money from their sites. There are a multitude of ways to check when on a computer, but Google's adense dashboard has much to be desired when viewing from a smart phone.

    Enter Adsense Dashboard. This app lets you log in with accounts currently on your phone like some other apps, and even has a nice widget so you're always up to date on what's going on!

    In these screen shots, you can see the widget in use on the left, and the main dashboard telling me how today is doing and how yesterday was - along with some other great info. Other screens within the app will tell me daily earnings and will also show me some nice graphs.

    You can grab the Adsense Dashboard from the Play Store.

    Now, I'm sure there are other useful apps out there for Android, in fact I know there are. Don't limit yourself to just these tools, go out and find the ones that work best with the sites you have. What I would suggest though, it sticking with the apps that are in current development - you'll find that bugs and other issues will be fixed quickly when the developer actually cares about his/her product.

    Let us know what tools you use!

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    Awesome - didn't know that google had their own analytics app. i've been using mAnalytics. Downloading it now!

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