Aspnix windows hosting. Any info?

Discussion in 'Hosting and Website/Server Administration' started by Prednl, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Prednl Member

    Looking for any possible information on windows hosting.
    What do you know about their stability, support and features?
    Where can I find any discounts on their services?
  2. Groussin Member

    I know much good related to, their windows hosting services are based on quality. I'm very satisfied with the fast and accurate technical help, ease of use and wide service offer.
  3. Tudokok Member

    It seems to me that there is a need in comparison. Try to look at windows hosting deals.
    The site has always powered my social networking site with ease, no matter how much burst in traffic i get, it still runs very fast.
  4. MurrayWest Member

    As I see is preferable option for windows solutions. Their reliability is great, the control panel is easy to use and useful, things work the way they say they will - basically impressed with these guys.
  5. Tikobin Member

    You can use promo code “25LIFE” and get 25% off for the life of your account - would work well for you, OP.
    Good communication and customer service is key to a great web-host, and it has these qualities in spades - contact them for further details.
  6. Solaris Member

    Try to contact Aspnix support and get all the things cleared. Uptime and support have been excellent - they actually answer their emails, and within a few minutes! Cant quibble about the price either. I am fully-satisfied with their service and highly recommend them.
  7. Hdodk Member

    Long term experience with managed servers has taught me that the most important thing is quality of service, particularly quality of support. It's no use having super cheap hosting if no one is there to help you when it goes wrong. is the host you can rely on.
  8. Herecy Member

    I find to be incredibly perfect for windows hosting solutions. I believe this company is flexible and stable enough to satisfy all your specific requirements and keep your web sites always online.
  9. Ggmoston Member

    Why do you still hesitate?
    The abundance of positive feedbacks and reviews make reliable and preferable.
    Their technical support is outstanding - support tickets tend to get a response within minutes, which usually resolves the problem.

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