DDos Protected Servers?

Discussion in 'Hosting and Website/Server Administration' started by Ggmoston, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Ggmoston Member

    I'd like to find the best web host that offers ddos protected servers in USA.
    What places can you recommend me to explore?
    Having done Google search I found crookservers.com - what do you know about them?
    Is it the host I can rely on? Any alternatives for comparison?
  2. Vermut Member

    Koddos and rivalhost provides DDoS protected which are not costly and have high uptime.
    Their tech staff is helpful around the clock and all works like a clock with them.
  3. Tudokok Member

    I can express the point that crookservers.com is truly amazing. I am pleased with the value of the service and the customer service.They are extremely fast and my hosting was up only few hours after payment.
    Always reliable service and personal support. Would highly recommend to any potential customers.
  4. Vladlen Member

    Koddos.com and rivalhost.com provide stable and reliable DDoS protected servers at reasonable prices.
    Support is active and responsive and uptime is high.
  5. Tikobin Member

    You can go with crookservers.com. Their prices are competitive and despite being an internet service, you feel that they treat you personally and face-to-face.
    Setup was a breeze and it's been smooth sailing since then. This is what a hosting service is supposed to be. Highly recommended.
  6. Groussin Member

    As I see Exmasters offer really attractive hosting solutions. The service is excellent the speed and reliability of the servers is awesome and the price is more than reasonable.
  7. GrimGreay Member

    Koddos is a decent host to have a deal with.
    They take a good care of all their customers delivering quality DDoS protected hosting service.
    There is 10% off on their plans now.
  8. MurrayWest Member

    I suppose you should compare offers and choose the suitable one. Zeropid.com is a decent host with stable servers and high uptime. Servers have no downtime and prices are competitive.
  9. Solaris Member

    According to my research Zeropid is offering reliable server solutions. Their servers are fast and rock-solid. Faster than every other hosting providers that I've tried. My plan still has a uptime of 100% without any interruptions.
  10. Prednl Member

    The most impressive aspect of crookservers.com is the reaction time for technical queries.
    I've had a few, since I'm a total beginner at this, and I am in a time zone at least 8 hours different from the location of their servers. Anytime I needed a question answered they provided quick and knowledgeable answer and help.
  11. Herecy Member

    You will be pleased dealing with Zeropid.com services. Their plans are featured and quality provided by professional support.

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