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Discussion in 'Hosting and Website/Server Administration' started by Vermut, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Vermut Member

    What host is good at delivering quality offshore hosting service in Europe?
    Is that koddos or ... ?
  2. Solaris Member

    I suggest you to have more reliable names to make a proper choice. Take a look at services. Their webhosting plans are reliable and trustworthy, support is knowledgeable and prices are low.
  3. Vladlen Member

    Using koddos service, you get quality and stable offshore hosting with high uptime, stable servers and active support.
    They have a 15% off - WINTER1.
  4. GrimGreay Member

    Koddos company is trustworthy and their service is resourceful.
    Use them to meet all your needs.
    Support is active for 24 hours.
  5. Groussin Member

    As an alternative I recommend you to use You will be pleased dealing with their hosting services. They have quality services, high stability and reasonable prices.
  6. IngaV Member

    Having a deal with, you get stable and quality service.
    Their uptime is high and servers are well-balanced.
    WINTER14is their 15% off.
  7. Ggmoston Member

    Why not to give trusted brand a try? Taking the advantage of the opportunity can draw your attention to and their offshore hosting deals.

    I believe this company is flexible and stable enough to satisfy all your specific requirements and keep your web sites always online.
  8. MurrayWest Member

    I suppose you need to compare offers and chose the best one. I know that is offering high stability of servers, solid network and high level customer care.
  9. Traventy Member

    Koddos service is worth every cent you pay for their service.
    Prices are competitive, servers are stable and their technicians are knowledgeable.
  10. Herecy Member

    Give a chance to plans. Uptime and reliability has been outstanding. Their servers are solid stable and never have a problem.

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