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Discussion in 'Hosting and Website/Server Administration' started by GrimGreay, May 27, 2013.

  1. GrimGreay Member

    I need a quality support service and was advised me to try, do you know how they work in reality?
  2. Groussin Member

    I've had a good run deal with Newpush - these guys know what they are doing. I must say that they have exceeded my expectations. They respond very quickly. And they have been doing whatever I need and whenever I need that on my server. That is enough to send them request and get fast response and get the task done.
  3. MurrayWest Member

    Say would be really good for this, price is reasonable. Management people are also friendly, really can't ask for more.
  4. Traventy Member

    Use with no hesitations.
    They have quality and skillful technicians who know how to make their clients' services be online around the clock.
  5. Solaris Member

    According to my research management would be best for your demands. Their support staff is working hard to provide reliable service for affordable prices.
  6. mailcpm New Member

    Our company use for 2 years now. To be honest we do not have any issue with them. Good technical support and no down time.
  7. Tudokok Member

    There is no denying the fact that you will be pleased with managed services.
    Their IT-technicians know how to do their job qualified and keep everything working.

    The staff really cares about your site, and very friendly professionals with a true one-to-one experience.
  8. Herecy Member

    Why do you still hesitate? I can say that is experienced host with attractive deals and professional team, you can use them for sure.
  9. Ajstewart New Member

    Wow, seems they are really reliable company! I've noticed has rich experience in webhosting business and offering low-cost services.
  10. GrimGreay Member

    I see that support service will be fine for me.
    I will use them for running my servers.
  11. IngaV Member

    I think the OP has already used service.
    I have read many nice reviews of their support service on WHT.
  12. Traventy Member

    $43 offer high quality server administration services for hundreds of clients ranging from individuals & hobbyist to small & enterprise size businesses.
    And their prices are affordable.
  13. Vermut Member

    Use support putting no further questions.
    They have quality tech staff who is able to solve any problems which may occur on the server.
  14. Vladlen Member

    Guess will meet all your needs, the OP.
    Overall they have many nice feedbacks on WHT and on some other forums.
    Give them a try.

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