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Discussion in 'Hosting and Website/Server Administration' started by Tudokok, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Tudokok Member

    What host is good at delivering quality VPS deals?
    Dailyrazor.com is under my consideration. What can you say about them, their uptime, customer support, speed?
    Do they offer any discounts? Can you help me to find any possible info about them?
  2. Herecy Member

    I believe you should have more options and choose the best one. I can name ChicagoVPS which vps plans are featured and cheap. They are providing stable fast servers and skilled support.
  3. Vladlen Member

    You know aspnix and kvchosting provide stable and reliable VPS hosting which is worth every cent you pay for.
  4. Tikobin Member

    I like them. Dailyrazor.com has nice reputation in the hosting services market.
    Their hosting servers are primed for optimal uptime availability. It guarantees a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
    Uptime is ok. 15PD - using this code, you'll get 15% discount.
  5. Groussin Member

    If you are in search of quality vps provider I suggest ChicagoVPS.net servers to use. They are reputable host with affordable pricing, solid dedicated servers and stable network. Support is always ready to help and armed with knowledge.
  6. Hdodk Member

    You can trust them.
    I'd like to express the point that Dailyrazor.com service is excellent. I am particularly impressed with the support services who answered me within a few minutes and did everything possible to help me.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us, I'll tell my friends.
  7. MurrayWest Member

    My suggestion is to use services from Aspnix. This hosting provider is well-known as quality company with high level customer care and stable fast servers.
  8. Ggmoston Member

    I'm using Dailyrazor.com VPS to host multiple websites, including a couple of my clients. They're servers are reliable and fast for their 'shared' hosting classification (dedicated/virtual would be a lot faster), and overall everything works great.

    It offers helpful 24/7/365 tech support via helpdesk, live chat or phone.
  9. Traventy Member

    VPS deals ... you may have some quality from a2hosting.com and vps6.net.
    Their servers are well-balanced and prices are reasonable.
    Uptime is high and network is solid.
  10. Prednl Member

    I am very satisfied with Dailyrazor.com services!
    The tech support is great and the response time is incomparable.
    My experience with hosting companies is more than worse. I have been with many traditional hosts.

    It's a good value, reliable, and service has been better than other hosting companies.
  11. Vermut Member

    Look at VPS deals from vps6.net and a2hosting.com.
    These companies have solid servers and affordable prices.
    They provide a highly reliable service offering 99.9% uptime guarantee and support is active for 24 hours.
  12. Solaris Member

    According to my knowledge Zeropid.com provides vps solutions which are worth your attention. You will get high performance servers, affordable prices and skilled management staff.

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